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Theme this year is all about creativity! We've selected a variety of speakers and workshop presenters who will inspire you to get quilting and maybe try some new techniques.  Enjoy!

Our monthly meeting format is as follows:

1) Welcome from the president, 5 minutes

2) Introduction of our presenter, 2 minutes.

3) The presentation. 1 hour to 1.25 hours

4) Guild updates. 10 to 15 minutes

5) Show and Tell. Whatever time is left over.

2023-24 Presentations

June 4, 2024

sunburstsquared01_class photo.jpg

Meeting for members only.

May 7, 2024

Sewing Machine

Member prep time for Quilt Canada. Open to members only.

April 2, 2024


In-person and va ZOOM  
Note: It is recommended that you attend this meeting in person.
April 2, 2024
Topic: Nifty Tools for Quilters
Ingrid Machtemes, Quiltessential Co

March 10, 2024

Carolyn Oneto.webp

Workshop via ZOOM
Curves and Transparencies
Carolina Oneto

March 5, 2024

sew clever logo.png

In-person or via ZOOM
Topic: How to Use Acrylic Templates and Rulers in Quilting
Lauri Remin, Sew Clever

February 6, 2024

sashiko stitching.jpg

In-person and va ZOOM
Topic: Sashiko Stitching
Jamie Johansen , Tranpunto

January 2, 2024


In-person and va ZOOM
Topic: Taking risks and learning from them in fibre arts
Sara Norquay

December 5, 2023

sara n.jpg

In-person and va ZOOM
Topic: Five Quilt Artists you might not have heard of
Sara Norquay

November 7, 2023

crumb quilting.jpg

In-person and va ZOOM
Topic: Crum Piecing towards a zero-waste textile studio
Carolyn Playdon

October 3, 2023


In-person and va ZOOM
Topic: Improv
Michelle Eaton

October 3, 2023

heather s quilt image.jpg

In-Person Recommended
Topic: The 365 Challenge Project or What was I Thinking?
Heather Strachan

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