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Welcome to the Edmonton Modern Quilt Guild!


As your new president I am pleased to journey along with the Edmonton Modern Quilt Guild. 

I have been quilting for about ten years and still at times I feel like a beginner. I inherited the love of quilting from both my grandmother and mother. My grandmother quilted with polyester double knit and as one of  her granddaughters I got to help both in design and hand tying the quilts. My mother’s love of quilting blossomed when she was able to join quilt guilds to share with likeminded people and learn new techniques. From these two inspiring women and many others I have a vision for EMQG which is, ENRICHING QUILTING EXPERIENCES. We at EMQG enrich our experiences by attending monthly meetings either in person or via ZOOM, joining in weekly zoom sew days, sew a-long and charity quilt activities. As well we have the opportunity to participate in retreats and in-person sew days.

As a guild we are few in number, but like each detail of a quilt we all contribute to enriching this community as a whole. Keeping this vision in mind I would like to propose three guiding principles. First, is to participate the best you can. Second, is to include others in your quilting journey. Finally, remember we all are volunteers and each member and committee is here to enrich their own quilting experience.

If you have any questions or ideas for the guild please contact me at


Carmen Routhier

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