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EMQG Membership is open to anyone with an interest in quilting! Your membership includes access to the Edmonton guild as well as the Modern Quilt Guild (the "mothership"). You are welcome to attend a meeting as a guest (this year via Zoom) before deciding to become a member. Please email us at if you wish to do this.


Annual fees for an Edmonton Modern Quilt Guild membership are $65 per year.

Our membership year runs from September 1 to August 31 each year. There are no meetings during July and August although we offer sew days and other various activities. 


 What's included? 

  • Access to all Edmonton MQG speakers and presentation. We are working hard to put together a Program schedule for the coming year.

  • Ability to participate in all Edmonton MQG activities, which includes the Slash & Add, Challenges, Sew-alongs and anything else we come up with.

  • When appropriate, in person meetings and sew days

  • Access to all MQG resources, including webinars, quilt and block patterns

  • Ability to participate in MQG activities, including discounted QuiltCon registration and the 2022 QuiltCon worldwide mini swap

  • Opportunity to create new friendships and be a part of our remarkable community of awesome people.

New members  
Follow this 2 step process to join.

Step 2: New members only.

Sign up for our members only community by filling out the following form. 

Current members  
Purchase your new membership here.

Be sure to update your contact information in the Members Only area.  


Renewing your membership or joining our guild is easy!  
Purchase our membership below.

New and returning members can renew their memberships on Sept. 1, 2024.

Memberships for sale in September 

Questions about membership or fees

Click here to contact us

We prefer for payment to be via credit card.  If this is unavailable to you please contact

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