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Theme this year is all about creativity! We've selected a variety of speakers and workshop presenters who will inspire you to get quilting and maybe try some new techniques.  Enjoy!

Our monthly meeting format is as follows:

1) Welcome from the president, 5 minutes

2) Introduction of our presenter, 2 minutes.

3) The presentation. 1 hour to 1.25 hours

4) Guild updates. 10 to 15 minutes

5) Show and Tell. Whatever time is left over.

2023-24 Presentations
In-Person Recommended

September 5, 2023

Topic: The 365 Challenge Project or What was I Thinking?

Heather Strachan

Guild member and guest speaker Heather S. will talk about her 365 Challenge Project and the journey that it has taken her this year. Miniature piecing, a cast of characters from all over North America and plenty of eye candy in the form of quilt blocks will be shown. It will either be very entertaining or a cautionary tale.

In-Person and Online via ZOOM

October 3, 2023

Topic: Improv

Michelle Eaton

Guild member and guest speaker Michelle E. will talk while showing her improv quilts, and will do some demo work and give visual tips for about an hour. She would like to start a sew-a-long at this time, giving people some Improv prompts and ideas to work on through the winter, and then wrap up with an assembly sew day/class in the spring.

In-Person and online via ZOOM

November 7, 2023

Topic: Crum Piecing towards a zero-waste textile studio

Carolyn Playdon

Guild member and guest speaker Carolyn P. will demonstrate Crum piecing in person. At this meeting, you can bring some scraps to participate in a scrap swap, and if your scraps are too small to use, bring them to recycle with Carolyn.

ZOOM . No in-person meeting

December 5, 2023

Topic: Five Quilt Artists you might not have heard of

Sara Norquay

Guild member and artist Sara Norquay will present a slide show of five quilt artists whose quilts might change your mind about what constitutes a quilt. Their uniqueness marks them as contemporary artists. Her goal is to inspire you to try some different approaches to making a quilt.

ZOOM . No in-person meeting

January 2, 2024

Topic: Taking risks and learning from them in fibre arts

Sara Norquay

Guild member and guest speaker Sara Norquay will lead a presentation by members of experiences they have had with learning from small risks they have taken while making something. Participation by members for this discussion is vital. Please submit photos and answers to the two questions: What small risk did you take and what did you learn from taking the risk? This meeting will give everyone a chance to get to know each other and “be seen.”

In-person or via ZOOM

February 6, 2024

Topic: Sashiko Stitching

Jamie Johansen , Tranpunto

Guest speaker  Jamie Johansen will present sashiko stitching with an explanation of its origins and current popularity and a hands-on demonstration of the method. You will be able to order (and buy) a kit which will include a needle, some sashiko thread and a small square of fabric with a pattern to follow.

In-person or via ZOOM

March 5, 2024

Topic: How to Use Acrylic Templates and Rulers in Quilting

Lauri Remin, Sew Clever

Guest speaker Lauri Remin will talk about the various creative ways her acrylic templates and rulers can be used in designing your quilt. Her 15-degree wedge ruler will be used in Shalene’s workshop coming up in the spring. You will have an opportunity to purchase her templates at this meeting.

Workshop via ZOOM

March 10, 2024

Online Course: Curves and Transparencies

Carolina Oneto

Modern quilting artist Carolina Oneto will present a Zoom workshop on curves and transparencies. Sign-ups will start in the new year. Details to follow.

Course Details: 4 hours workshop

Curves and transparencies: In this workshop the assistant  will make a mini quilt top, where we will design it from scratch. Then we will talk about Color Theory and how we can create a Transparency effect with color and fabrics.I will teach you how to cut fabrics with complex shapes and to join these curved shapes by machine.

In-person and va ZOOM

April 2, 2024

Topic: Nifty Tools for Quilters

Ingrid Machtemes, Quiltessential Co

Guest speaker Ingrid Machtemes of Quiltessential Co. will present an array of helpful and, possibly indispensable, tools and their secrets .  You will have an opportunity to purchase any tool presented that you think will add to your quilting arsenal.  To take advantage of shopping, in-person attendance is suggested. 

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